About Us

​Paint & Pixology combines the artistic talents of Jon and Liz Woods, a married couple currently living in Everett, Washington. Jon holds the paintbrush. Liz holds the camera. In our galavanting about North America and Europe, we have captured moments to share with you. Our art represents a variety of styles and subjects, so each of our portfolios appeals to a diversity of tastes. Take a look at the original paintings and photographs for purchase.

Jon Woods (Paint)

From a young age, I have had an affinity for creating artwork. The refrigerator of my childhood home was often adorned with some expression of my imagination. I transitioned from the cruder medium of crayon and finger paints to pencil, and finally found my niche in acrylics. I was minimally trained, and so much of my technique is a result of self-teaching. I continue to create directly from imagination but also shoot reference photos during sightseeing travels in order to interpret these sights on a canvas.

Liz Woods (Pixology)

I have always been a firm believer in treasuring memories. My mountains of photography are some proof of that. It's like I want my photography to tell the kind of story you'd want to hear from a well traveled old lady. Being a visual dyslexic it is no shock that photography hooked me and with it came a love for experiencing the world. I look forward to taking in the journey, and as I do, what inspires me is everything around me and so my art is the outward expression of the variety of life I take in.

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