A commissioned painting is the most personal and unique way to experience Paint and Pixology's art. Every part of the piece will be created based on your specific requests. Here are some things to consider when requesting a commissioned work:

The Canvas

  • Decide the dimensions of the canvas or describe the wall space and get a size recommendation.

  • Canvases can be framed or finished with painted edges.

  • The edge of the canvas can be deep (1 1/2") or shallow (3/4").

The Subject

  • The artist can paint many subjects that have a personal connection to you.

  • If you don't have anything specific in mind, simply describe types of scenery and subjects you enjoy and let the artist go to work.

Reference Photos & Descriptions

  • A detailed description of what you want might be enough.

  • For very specific requests, a reference photo is preferred (Paint and Pixology will only paint from reference photos when the customer has the rights or expressed written permission to use the photograph).

  • The artist can get creative with changes to the subject (e.g., remove trees, change the sky to sunset, etc.), so be sure to communicate the mood and tone you want in your art piece.


  • Paint and Pixology offers a wide variety of art and customization, but that does not mean every commission will be accepted.

  • Unrealistic expectations or overly complicated requests will not be honored.

  • As Jon Woods is the only painter at Paint and Pixology, the length of time before your artwork is completed will vary.

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